Sneak a Peek at our bus

Inside our bus, we have two counseling rooms, an ultrasound room, a bathroom for pregnancy tests, and an awning outside that comes out where you can sit and speak to our advocates when the bus is full.

Our Specialized Team

Mathilde Mellon

Mathilde Mellon is the Founder and President of the Pregnancy Help Center. She has a MA and MEd., and has worked as a client advocate at both a pregnancy resource center, and a crisis pregnancy center. She wants to offer a woman a safe, secure and supportive environment to explore her options during her initial phase of pregnancy. In addition, she wants to offer a continuum of care to a woman who chooses to become a parent, and empower this woman to thrive in her role as a mother.

Dorothy Faggello

Dorothy is the Director of Outreach. She works closely with organizations to increase awareness of the work we do and raise funds to keep our unit on the road. Previously she was involved in client advocacy with women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies.

Stephanie Hamell

Stephanie is a Client Advocate and has worked with women and families in crisis situations for a number of years. She has BA degree in social work and has begun work on her MSW. She has worked as an advocate and case manager for women and families, as well as in training and outreach with at risk populations. She is a fierce advocate for those in need and desires to remove the barriers that come between women in crisis and the opportunity for them to live an empowered life with a feeling of dignity and respect.

Honora Bates

Honora Bates

Honora Bates-Honora is the Executive Director and has worked in the non-profit industry and social services. She has a passion for working with the community and building relationships. Her goal is to ensure we provide quality care and services to each woman that visits our mobile unit.

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