A Sneak Peak of our Bus

Inside our bus, we have two counseling rooms, an ultrasound room, a bathroom for pregnancy tests, and an awning outside that comes out where you can sit and speak to our advocates when the bus is full.

Our Specialized Team

Mathilde Mellon

Mathilde Mellon is the Founder, CEO, & President of Mulier Care as well as the Executive Director of Pregnancy Help Center. She has a MA and MEd., and has worked as a client advocate at both a pregnancy resource center, and a crisis pregnancy center. She wants to offer a woman a safe, secure and supportive environment to explore her options during her initial phase of pregnancy. In addition, she wants to offer a continuum of care to a woman who chooses to become a parent, and empower this woman to thrive in her role as a mother.

Dorothy Faggello

Dorothy Faggello is the Client Advocate Manager and has been involved in client advocacy with women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies for the past ten years. Her goal is to provide all women, during one of the most difficult times in their lives, the encouragement, information, and an offering of any help they may require, such to understand their options, and to make informed decisions.

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